Hypnotic Gastric Band Download Normally £89.99 but for this sale 24.99GBP (sterling)

Normally £89.99 but for this sale 24.99GBP (sterling)

The Ultimate weight loss package around, 5 audio therapy sessions, and detailed guidance explaining when to listen to what session. also includes exercise advice and a 30 plan to kickstart the new you. all the benefits of surgery with none of the risks.

Lose weight now let us show you how, for the best in weightloss use Assured Hypnotherapy's Hypnotic Gastric Band therapy, downloadable direct to your digital device.

Comes with five downloadable sessions and 1 downloadable video. you will also receive an email listening guidelines and some exercise advice.

The safest and best way to lose weight in a controlled and consistent manner.

2 MP3, 5 WAV and 1 MP4
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