The Hypnodarts System, as used by worlds top pros. Was £89.99

With both world championships coming up, we at assured hypnotherapy have decided to run another hypnodarts sale, lasting through the Black Friday Weekend. This is a system of 6 downloadable hypnosis sessions, that were created to enhance your darting performance, to make you become the best darts player you can possibly be.

This system is used, endorsed and was created with the assistance of the worlds top pro's as mentioned below. Tony 'SilverBack' O'Shea, Darryl 'The Dazzler' Fitton, Gary 'Big Robbo' Robson, Ross 'The Boss' Montgomery, this is a generic version of the system that guided Scott Mitchell to become the 2015 World Champion and also guided Glen Durrant to winning the 2 World Masters and 3 World Titles and an awesome first 11 months in the PDC.

To be the best use the the best, this system is the best sports mind coaching system for any dart player wanting to improve to the best of their ability.

Listening guidelines -listen to being a winner and self confidence daily for first 7 days. -then for next 7 days listen to Worlds Best Dartist along with being a winner again. -then for next 7 days listen to intro to darts competitiveness & darts competitiveness. -for the next 7 days listen to intro to doubles with ease and doubles with ease main along with self confidence -after that listen to whatever track you require when you require. enjoy your darts, and the improvements you are making.

3 MP3, 5 MP3 and 2 WAV
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