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Black friday Sale martial arts mind mastery downloadable hypnotherapy mp3 package. This is the ultimate hypnotic package to assist and perfect your martial ability. Using Hypnotherapy, Nlp, Psychotherapy, CMT and sports psychology techniques to enable you to become the best martial artist you can possibly be. The system has been developed by Master hypnotist and 5th Dan Martial Arts Master Stephen McKibben, who has over 30 years experience in the field of Martial Arts and 20 years experience in hypnosis and mind coaching. Listen to martial arts mind mastery session parts 1 & 2 daily while lying down eyes closed and undisturbed for 2 weeks , then listen to the winning ability session daily for 2 weeks along with the self confidence session. Then listen to the martial arts mind mastery session once or twice a week while you are still a practicing martial artist.
4 MP3
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